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JIC Consulting brings over 30 years of experience in the machining and manufacturing industry to provide exceptional services to our clients. We provide an array of services focused on increasing your bottom line by improving machine and human output. Our specialties include optimizing CNC machine tools, proper tooling acquisitions, reducing downtime, training employees, proper work station set-up, reverse engineering, and 3D modeling. We are pleased to provide an outside point of view, with industry knowledge, at a lower cost than hiring full time employees to accomplish the same tasks. JIC Consulting also guarantees confidentiality and protects all proprietary information of our clients.

  • JIC Consulting and I have worked together in our CNC facility to find ways of automating and optimizing our process thus improving efficiencies.
    – Richard Baribeau - Branch Manager
       (ON08) Motion Canada
  • Jeff was heavily involved with CNC machines where he offered his expertise with training, programming, gauging and optimization of tooling and operation.
    – Don Cappadocia,
       Production Manager
  • Jeff identified the problem, made the necessary changes to the CNC program and tooling and got us back on track.
    – Steve Perrin, Pilot Diamond Tools
  • Jeff was instrumental in proving out the functionality of the transferred CNC equipment and racking systems... as well as give guidance towards the manual operation of the various operators' control panels.
    – Karl Robichaud
      - Director of Operations,
        Sunny Corner Enterprises

Our Process

Our process remains simple and effective: Observe, Assess, Refine, and Implement. Where machining is a constantly evolving market, JIC Consulting can be relied upon no matter what challenges you are facing.

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